Steve Hester and DeJaVooDoo are a product of a series of journeys……

Steve Hester has known Chip Goodwin for over 4 decades. They grew up in the same small Delta town in Northeast Arkansas and were both musicians from an early age. They however went off in separate directions, but have connected every now and then mostly passing each other on the road. In 2013, Chip joined DeJaVooDoo as keyboard player, slide guitarist and backup vocalist.

Zach Hawkins and Steve met at a local Blues jam in Little Rock in late 2012…and it was an instant connection. Though separated by 3 decades in age the two are musically intertwined and have much the same interests and sense of humor as well as outlook on life. Steve says he’s often asked if Zach is his son and the standard answer is that he’s my younger brother from another time!

So…it seems that just maybe deja vu may have actually played a role in bringing together Steve Hester and the guys of DeJaVooDoo!

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